Electric Wheelbarrow EWD300B with exchangeable water-proof Li-ion Battery

Short Description:

Electric Wheelbarrow EWD300B  For  light-duty garden work, a single-wheeled electric wheelbarrow will take the effort out of using manual power.T he user will be less tired at the end of the day.

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Product Detail

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* Max torque up to 300 N m that pass the test 260kgs loading 10 degree slope
* Forward-Reverse function
* Automatic Electronic Brake System ensures safety and easy o peration
* Tipping ystem with reliable lock
* Water-proof version available working in the rain
* Exchangeable battery is easy to change and recharge
* Universal wheel reduce the labor intensity


Universal back wheel
EBS/BAS brake
Water-proof version
Forward-reverse function
Exchangeable battery


Tray: 100L
Max Load: 300kgs
400w motor with drive axis
Waterproof model /40 V
Forward Max: 6km/h
Reverse: Max 2km/h
Cable inside the tube type

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