Causes and treatment of insufficient outlet pressure of pipe dredging and cleaning machine

The pipeline cleaning machine uses an ultrasonic generator to amplify the electric power of the oscillating signal with a frequency higher than 20KHz, and converts it into high-frequency mechanical vibration energy through the inverse piezoelectric effect of the ultrasonic transducer (vibration head). The sound radiation causes the cleaning liquid molecules to vibrate and generate countless tiny cavities and bubbles, which form and grow in the negative pressure zone along the propagation direction of the ultrasonic wave, and quickly close in the positive pressure zone to generate thousands of atmospheres of instantaneous high pressure. The blasting formed countless microscopic high-pressure shock waves acting on the scaled impurities of the pipe wall and crushed them.

1. The high-pressure nozzle of the pipeline cleaning machine is severely worn. Excessive wear of the high-pressure nozzle will affect the water outlet pressure of the equipment. Replace the new nozzle in time.

2. Insufficient water flow rate of the connected equipment leads to insufficient water flow rate and insufficient output pressure. Sufficient inlet water flow should be supplied in time to solve the problem of reduced outlet pressure.

3. The pipe cleaner cleans the water inlet filter and there is air. After the clean inlet water has passed through the filter, the air should be exhausted to ensure that the standard outlet pressure is output.

4. After the aging of the overflow valve of the pipeline cleaning machine, the overflow flow of the water will be large and the pressure will be low. When it is found to be aging, the accessories should be replaced in time.

5. Leakage of the high and low pressure water seals and the water inlet and outlet check valves of the pipeline cleaning machine causes the working pressure to become low, and these accessories should be replaced in time.

6. ​​The high-pressure pipe and the filter device are kinked, bent or damaged, which leads to poor water flow and insufficient water outlet pressure, which should be repaired in time.

7. The internal failure of the high-pressure pump, the wearing of vulnerable parts, and the decrease of water flow; the internal pipeline of the equipment is blocked, and the water flow is too small, resulting in too low working pressure.

Post time: Jul-01-2021