China Low-voltage electrical exports increased by 44.3% in the first five months

According to the General Administration of Customs, from January to May 2021, China exported low-voltage electrical appliances exported USD 8.59 billion, up 44.3% year on year; the number of exports was about 12.2 billion, up 39.7%. The growth is mainly because: First, the low export base level was affected by the epidemic in the same period of last year, and second, the current international market demand cont inues to recover.

During the same period, Hong Kong, the United States, Vietnam, Japan and Germany are respectively the top five export destinations of China’s low-voltage electrical products, accounting for more than half of the total export volume. Among them, exports to Hong Kong 1.78 billion, up 26.5% year on year, is the largest market in the first five months, 20.7%, USD 1.19 billion, up 55.3% year on year, second, 13.9%; exports to Vietnam 570 million, year on year growth of 32.6%, ranking third, share of 6.6%.
From the perspective of export products, the connector with working voltage not more than 36 V is still the largest single product of low voltage electrical appliances. The export amount is about USD 2.46 billion, increasing 30.8% year on year; Secondly, the plug and socket with line voltage ≤ 1000V has the output amount of USD 1.34 billion, increasing 72%. In addition, the 36V ≤ V ≤ 60V relay increased the fastest export growth in the same period, with a increase of 100.2%. (Written by: Tian Hongting, Industry Development Department of the Mechanical and Electrical Chamber of Commerce)

Post time: Jul-08-2021