How to do pump shock absorption?

Pump belongs to pump equipment, and as a common fault of pump equipment is serious vibration problem. Therefore, the noise of the water pump is also caused by vibration. The low-frequency noise caused by vibration will spread over a long distance through the equipment structure and building structure, with a relatively large impact range. Therefore, our measure is to conduct vibration reduction treatment.

When we reduce the vibration of the circulating water pump, we adopt the highly effective damping elastic damping platform. The unique damping technology can reduce the transmission rate of vibration by 99%, which is a very effective vibration solution equipment. The pump damping table is installed on the circulating pump base, which can well reduce the transmission of vibration. In addition to the use of shock absorber, but also on the pump pipeline for soft support, is the use of some elastic support, to avoid pipeline vibration.

Most of the common water pumps have noise problems. The main noise source is the low-frequency noise caused by vibration. The vibration damping platform can be used for water pumps to reduce the transmission rate of vibration with high efficiency and ensure the surrounding environmental sanitation.

Post time: Mar-09-2021